Nº 127  Málaga, Andalucía, the Costa del Sol, Spain


Olive oil Factory for sale in Malaga with all licenses and documents for the production, bottling and selling olive oil, trading oil since 2006. Oils are produced by cold pressing. Waste-free manufacturing because of turning olive waste into ecologically perfect fuel.

Price: 3.000.000

+ Additional buying cost
ITP: 21%
Notary's fees: 0,3-0,5%
Registration fees:

Land 18.000 m2
Patio paving 1.500 m2
2 floors warehouse 1.600 m2, every floor is 800 m2
Receiving Area -200 м2


  • Machines for cleaning olives "Granaoliva"
  • Olivia Washing Machine "Granaoliva" capacity 15.000kg/h
  • continuous automatic weighing unit "Remasa"
  • 5 conveyors
  • Crusher machine "Amenduni" 2 phases continuous system capacity 4.000kg/h.

Processing room 200м2


  • Thermobeater "Amenduni".
  • Decanter "Amenduni", capacity 4.000kg/h
  • Separator "Amenduni", capacity 4.000kg/h+
  • Hydraulic Press 300.000 Kcal a pressure of 4 atmospheres.

Shop and Office 200 m2
storehouse 200 m2

Oil warehouse 200 m2:

  • 3 olive oil storage tanks - Volume 10.000kg
  • 1 olive oil storage tank - Volume 52.000kg

Production of Olive oil Factory

Coupage (Olive Mix)
Manzanilla Aloreña (Manzanilla green Aloreña)
Manzanilla Aloreña verde (Manzanilla green Aloreña)
Ecológico (ecological olive oil )

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