Nº 205  Málaga, Andalucía, the Costa del Sol, Spain


The Olive Oil Mill for sale in Malaga for the production of high-quality olive oil Manzanilla Aloreña. It’s an opportunity to invest in an existing business in Spain with great commercial potential.

Price: 1.850.000

+ Additional buying cost
  • 4 independent industrial sheds 2000 m2:
    • Main shed for reception of raw materials;
    • extraction;
    • offices and storage;
    • packaging shed;
  • a block of 3 floors of offices;
  • two ancient oil mills 1700 m2;
  • Three-story building 250 m2:
    • a restaurant;
    • apartments;
    • a testing room;
    • accommodation for staff;
  • a small cozy garden with a mountain view;

The Volume Of Production

The production by campaign lasts between 3 and 4 months, depending on the year, and its oil production could oscillate between 1,500,000 Kg and 3,000,000 Kg of olive oil as the extraction capacity at full capacity from the current machinery could reach the 25 tons per day. That production could double as the distribution of the extraction plant is designed to be able to install a second chain of production without any problem.

Fully Automated Factory

The mill has the machines more advanced in the process of extraction of olive oil, all processing from the reception stage, passing by the milling and extraction, and finally this automated storage and continuously controlled by touch screens and supervised by qualified personnel.


All factory is located on the banks of the Guadalhorce river and between orange and lemon trees, typical of our land.

It is located just 30 minutes from Malaga airport, and also not far from Torkala and Caminito de Rei, which is favorable for the development of agritourism.


It’s divided into 4 independent industrial sheds: Main shed for reception of raw materials, extraction, offices and storage, packaging shed. It consists of approximately 2000 m2 with an age of 6 years. Annexed to the modern mill, there is a block of 3 floors of offices, a warehouse and 2 old factories, also owned by the company, form two-stage earlier.

Museum of olive oil

Near the modern factory there are two ancient oil mills.

One is from the NINETEENTH century of wood presses and old jars, and the other is of the Thirties with hydraulic presses for the extraction. These old areas have 1700 m2 and their proposed future is a Museum of olive oil to have an approach chronological from times of pressing of timber beam, passing by presses hydraulic, until the spin cycle as the current method.


The approximate storage between the winery and olive oil of extraction is of approximately 500.000 Kg in tanks of stainless steel of 50.000 Kg. and 10,000 kg. As it is a product that will be to production and marketing continuously, not usually arrive to fill up to 100 percent. All the storage areas, extraction and packaging are perfectly isolated for the climatology for a perfect conservation of olive oil throughout the year.

Bottling and Packaging

The packaging plant is presented on an attached shed to the main reception shed and offices and consists of a fully automated packaging machine for the packaging of various types of formats, an oil filter and a main tank for packaging. This whole area has term insulation structures for perfect conservation of the packaged olive oil. The second floor is for storage of incoming or outgoing goods.

Commercial potential

The mill has many advantages for the development of agro tourism business apart from the oil production.

Now the oil mill receives tourists in groups of 60 people. They are shown the traditional olive oil processing, degustation and sale of olive oil bottles.

Next to the industrial buildings there is a three-storey building of 250m2, designed for various activities related to the Olive Oil Mill, such as a restaurant, a tasting room, guest apartments and accommodation for staff. Nearby there is a small cozy garden with a pleasant view of the mountains, an antique factory, a village and tropical trees.

The variety of olives

The world famous olive variety Manzanilla Aloreña is grown only in this region of Spain. This olive oil is widely known in foreign markets due to its sweet and mild flavor.

Buyer Benefits

After you become the owner of this oil mill, the seller will be with you throughout the season for your better integration to the local business.

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